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Questions about hacking Super Punch-Out (SNES 1994)


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I'm looking for opinions regarding how difficult it would be to implement certain hacks in Super Punch-Out!! (1994). It isn't something I could do, but I was thinking about offering to pay someone to do it.


I've always thought that the SNES version of SPO should have had an arcade release.


The following things would need to be done:


1. The existing "attract mode" is fine as-is, aside from the "PUSH START" text. That would need to be changed to "INSERT COIN".


2. When you push start, it goes to a "menu select" screen. That screen should be skipped and it should always go directly to the "name registration" screen (i.e., the screen which appears when you select "new game" on the "menu select" screen) when a coin is inserted (the coin input can be mapped to one of the shoulder buttons).


3. The name registration screen is fine as-is, but it shouldn't save the player's progress so they can go back to the game at a later time. When you finish the name registration screen, it goes to a "mode select" screen (which has a button setting mode). That screen should be skipped, and it should go directly into "championship mode > minor circuit".


4. It then shows the profile page of your opponent, and waits for you to push "start". There won't be a start button on the arcade machine. This screen should simply display for a few seconds and then automatically go to the start of the fight.


Note: During the fight, if you press "start", it pauses the game and brings up a "retire?" option. This doesn't need to be removed because there won't be a start button on the machine.


5. Inserting coins should add "credits" (one coin = one credit) which the machine "remembers" for as long as it is powered on.


6. After you win the fight, it shows screens which wait for you to push start. Screens like this should always simply display for a few seconds and then automatically proceed.


7. The game gives you several continues. This should be changed to 1 continue only.


8. After you beat a circuit (e.g., minor circuit), it goes to the "circuit select" screen, where you can go back and repeat the circuit you have just completed, or select the next circuit. This screen should be skipped, and should just automatically proceed to the next circuit.


9. The "special circuit" only appears if you beat the 3 preceeding circuits with no losses. This should be changed so that the special circuit always appears (even if someone uses their one available continue in the earlier circuits).


10. The controls should be changed to match the arcade SPO (1984). In the SNES version, your guard defaults to "down". To punch to the head or guard up, you have to press and hold "up" on the joystick/D-pad. To duck, you pull down. In the arcade version, your guard defaults to "up", but only for the start of the fight. If you change it, it stays where you last put it for the remainder of the fight. To guard "down" you pull down on the joystick (but you don't have to hold down), and it will stay down until you press up; and will stay up until you press down; for the remainder of the fight. When your guard is up, your punches will be to the head. When your guard is down, your punches will be to the stomach. "Duck" is a separate input (the SPO joystick has a 5th microswitch; which is electrically the same as having it mapped to a separate button; which is activated if you pull the joystick handle straight up toward the sky).


To summarize numer 10:


• The guard position should default to up for the start of the fight only.

• Thereafter, the guard position should be under manual control, and it should stay where you last put it (i.e., no need to hold the joystick in the up or down position to keep the guard up or down).

• "Duck" should be a separate button input (rather than a directional input on the joystick).


Now, I don't know anything about hacking games, but I'm guessing that 1 through 9 would be relatively minor hacks; and 10 might be more difficult. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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I meant all of it lumped together. Number 10 seems like it'd be the most involved, but really they all take quite a bit of time to find the exact spot to break the routine, and jump to a different part. That's where you'll spend considerable time.


Other ram locations get updated in the parts you are skipping, and you have to make sure they don't affect anything. If they do matter then you got to update them correctly. To do that you either got to figure out what they do, or at least input the values they would normally have after the execution of the routine.


Changing the text probably wouldn't be too bad. They got a wealth of information on Romhacking.net for NES, SNES and many other systems. That will be your best bet to get started if you want to try DIY.

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