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"Make an offer": how to know the value of things?


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More than once, I am interested in buying some games

but I dont really know how much they are worth

and if the seller wants you to make an offer

how to do....

Of course, I could look on the net to have an idea

but we all know that Ebay is not good indicator

So if I make an offer and the seller accepts it directly

you feel like you proposed too much...


Sometimes, it is items, like Tabletops where you can't really find prices on the web

or even with 2600 carts , 2 R5 games can have different prices....


my thoughts of the day... :ponder:

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I HATE "make me an offer" :x


As a seller, I know what I want to get from a game. If someone wants to haggle, I'm good with that, but I know what I want to get. NO ONE goes into a sale not having a clue what they are looking to get for something. That is madness.


As a buyer, "make me an offer" scares the hell out of me. How do I know what you are expecting to get for something? I can offer what I think is fair, but if you think it is too low the sale is pretty much going to be void. If I offer you too much, then you got me and I could have paid less and you still would have been happy. Either way, I the buyer, am screwed.


As a seller, I price everything I am looking to sell and am open to haggle, although this rarely happens as I price everything to sell.


As a buyer confronted with "make an offer" I do one of two things: take my business elsewhere (most cases unless it is something rare or I really really want it), or I make the lowest possible reasonable offer, and maybe sometimes a little less than that. If I don't get it, then I wasn't going to anyway, and if I do I get it as cheap as possible.


As for determining exactly what to offer, I say offer whatever you think it is worth paying. Simple as that. For instance, the community center next door to us had a yard sale and was selling an old, beat up Ms. Pac-man stand-up arcade machine. It was rough. I offered $75 and wheeled it home 5 mins. later. That was what I felt it was worth and that is what I paid. Likewise, at a recent convention I saw a boxed copy of Pirates! (NES) and was asked to make an offer. I said $20, they said $35, I kindly declined and walked off. $20 was all I felt it was worth.


Eventually, after being around, you sort of develop an idea of what you are willing to pay for things based on how much you want them and how often you see them. From there you generate you "offers" and you stick to them.


Bon chance!



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I've found a solution to this that generally works pretty well: I tell the seller what my budget is, and we go from there. This works especially well if you're buying a bunch of things from someone, and want to know how much of your wantlist you can get for $X amount.


If you frame it in those terms, people don't get offended, since you're not trying to tell them what their stuff is worth. You're simply saying "This is what I can afford; if it's not enough, no harm no foul."

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When someone says "Make me an offer" I will always reply with "One dollar".


The negotiation starts from there.


Or not. More often than not, people that claim they're open to offers are a bit delusional as to values and love to play the "lowballer" card.

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Last time i tried to sell something (VCS cart) here at AA i wrote "make me an offer". I got a lot of extreme low ball offers (only), so i got my shit together and wrote down what i was really willing to sell the cart for (in another forum) and got it sold for way more.


So i have learned my lesson:

Dont try to sell PAL carts here on AA and always state a price your willing to accept if you do.

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I always use "make an offer",the reason is it can maximize my sale.

For example, i recently sold a rare game here,I put make an offer in the thread and I had 2 members bidding on the game.

Both were determined to buy it ,so the offers went back and forth until finally one of them gave up.

I sold the game for far more than I would have got if I had a fixed price. ;-)

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I have left that "make an offer" mark on my sale threads in the past. More often than not I'm looking for anything reasonable and I'll let the item go. Most often I put this on common things I want to move and am willing to give someone a deal that needs this common hardware in their collection. I don't have high hopes for items I list this way, but still I normally get that insane low ball offer. This is why I have gotten away from this kind of sale. There are people that never post here, but respond to every "make an offer" with the kind of money a reseller would look to pay for that item.


To the point the OP was making. I use Pricecharting.com to get close enough to talk about the game price. You can get a pile of good information on completed auctions there and get an idea of what a good offer looks like. I have only had one person act like I was trying to get over on them with PC prices.

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I think it's different online because than other forms of selling. I use to buy atari games at yard sales back in the '80's as NES made its climb. It was a great time I was digging through garages, garbage sacks and yes dumpster diving for anything Atari. I remember one store manager help hoiste me in the bin do I could get the game boxes he had just tossed :) Now BIN has a new meaning. I even rescued Colecovision and Intellivosion stuff the manager thought I was an absolutely crazy 8-year-old. Well I still have some of those items who's crazy now?:)

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