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Dark Void Zero

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I wasn't sure whether to post this in the classic or modern gaming thread..


Anyways, this game came out on the PC just a month or so ago (Supposedly on the DS earlier this year). It's an old-school style platformer, modeled after classic NES games. It features the same kind of NES chiptune music, 8-bit graphics, etc, lending it to technically be a "modern" NES game, much like Mega Man 9 and 10. I haven't given it much time, but it seems interesting enough so far.


Has anyone else tried this? After doing a bit of research, I found it's based off the recent PS3/360 game, Dark Void, another one I didn't know existed.. Man, I've been out of the loop with modern games, heh.

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Years late, I went looking for a like-minded soul to discuss Dark Void Zero.  I got this who knows how long ago on Steam and just started playing it this week.  I think it is pretty genius and not sure why there are so many bad reviews on Steam for it.  They mostly focus on the DRM that was implemented when it was first released with a few negative comments like "It's too hard."  Anyway, the DRM check is still there, but I got through it as intended without any problems.  As for the game being too hard - ha!  If it had been a "real" NES game, it would have been harder and made much less sense.  They mixed in a lot of "modern" game design stuff, and I think it is really fun to play.  It is only 4 levels, but it has some collectibles to find and difficulty levels.  Anyone who likes the NES Capcom stuff should give this a play wherever you can find it.

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28 minutes ago, Ninjabba said:

Started playing this game this week on the 3DS.. it's definitely a good challenge! Almost beat the first level but died three times.

How do you get more lives though?

I beat levels 1 and 2.  There was an extra life on level 1 in the upper left corner of the screen where you start.  Once I played it a few times, I got it down to where I could clear level 1 (on normal) without dying.  I then beat level 2 on that same game, but then quickly got a game over on level 3.  Once you beat the boss and advance to the next level, the game let's you continue from there the next time you start (if you want).  It seems to require that strategy of repeating the level until you master it type of game loop.


I adjusted to using the "hover" ability heavily.  Once you are hovering with the jet pack, you can fly in any direction and you never run out of fuel.  That realization made things easier.


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