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HSC Season 2 Week 40: Reactor

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The player uses his ship to deflect enemy particles into the Reactor wall without getting deflected into the wall himself. Meanwhile, the Reactor core is constantly expanding (unless the player deflects the enemy particles into the sets of control rods located on the screen) and in later levels turns into a vortex which can "suck" the player's ship in. The player can use energy to make the deflections more forceful or use decoys to fool the enemy particles.


Game Information

Game Name: Reactor

Released By: Gottlieb, 1982

MAME ROMset: reactor

Dip Switches:Bounce Chambers Points: 15; Free Play: Off; Bonus Life: 15,000

Chosen By: rmaerz

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/download/rom/57485/mame103/Reactor.html

Twin Galaxies M.A.M.E. World Record: 89,195


Competition ends Sunday, May 16 @ 12PM EST



1. 93,525 mightymage

2. 27,557 rmaerz

3. 14,904 retrorussell

4. 9,886 roadrunner

5. 5,152 darthkur









Season Standings

Calculations through week 39

1. darthkur 406

2. roadrunner 377

3. rmaerz 223

4. aftermac 177

5. retrorussel 155

6. LarcenTyler 115

7. Dr Galaga 64

8. Mister VCS 50

9. SpiceWare 44

10. mightymage 43

11. Fallout_002 38

12. Kurt_Woloch 36

13. Shannon 33

14. MaximRecoil 21

15. 4Ks 19

16. rsiddall 11

16. Zoyx 11

18. joeypsp 10

19. maximebeauvis 9

20. HatNJ 8

21. Gamemaster_ca_2003 6

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8,320.. I'll get better when I get used to the controls.


Even though it is a trackball game, I use an 8 way joystick. Mouse or keyboard doesn't cut it for me.

I can get the mouse to work for some games better (like Kick); I just need to set it on a flat surface where I have a lot of space. Even then it takes a while to get used to. My normal controller is a dual analog pad, on which I almost exclusively use the directional pad. It just doesn't work for a game like Reactor. (or for double joystick games)

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