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Christian, where are you?

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This forum has been dead for the longest time. What happened to everyone?

I think some of the leaders got taken off w/ either family or full size arcade machine!


I'm moving into an apartment that might be decent for hosting some stuff, though I don't have Christian's collection of classic toys for people to mess around with.

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As long as I can give two weeks notice, I'm always up for another meet.


As for Funspot, that depends on if someone can give me a ride.


Hell, I'd love to go to Funspot again. I went to college at Plymouth State (94-98) and we used to go about once a month there. Great times.


More then happy to drive as well.

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Seems like every collector I know is in liquidate rather than acquire mode. Chalk it up to changing tastes, getting older, needing the room, bad economy. I scarcely add to my collection these days, frankly it would hard to without winning auctions, but I've yet to unload even a single cart. Just let me complete my career change and get a bigger house and its super game room time again. HA!

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I think the last time I made it to a meet it was the release of NECG Ewok... Been a long time. I still have my entire 2600 collection and have boxes and boxes of dupes I'd love to unload... I still pick up carts from time to time, mostly trades now, but have slowly been building a Coleco collection. Family life slows hobbies down a bit.

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