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ClassicVGM issue 4 pre-orders open; Digital subscription option now live.

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Pre-orders are now open for ClassicVGM issue #4


The Digital Subscription option is now live. Receive all previous digital issues free when you subscribe.


Please feel free to contact sales@classicvgm.com with any questions you may have.


You can place your pre-order or subscribe digitally by visiting http://www.ClassicVGM.com

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We had some questions regarding our Digital Subscription offer.


When you purchase a Digital Subscription, you will receive 7 digital issues of ClassicVGM (3 back issues upon subscribing, 4 new issues as they are released).


Hope this clarifies. :)

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Additional update:




ClassicVGM continues to evolve. As we continue to expand, people become more aware of our presence in the classic gaming community, including the people who have shaped the hobby we enjoy today. We have features in issue 4 that demanded additional time, and it was our obligation to delay issue 4 until these features were completed.



We wanted to bring this to the attention of the classic gaming community, but most importantly our readers, who continue to support us.



We have corresponded with many of you via email, and understand that you prefer the very best in printed material (i.e. original content, features, etc.) than something slapped together in a hurry to stay on schedule.



We take publishing ClassicVGM very seriously, and we are not going anywhere.



The digital version of ClassicVGM issue 4 will be released soon. If you have already subscribed to our digital option, you will receive an email with a special link to download issue 4 (once available). The digital subscription price of $4.95 is valid to all territories (i.e. US and World), so do not hesitate to subscribe if you prefer digital over print.



All digital issues are released in Adobe PDF high-res.



Pre-orders for the newsstand edition of ClassicVGM issue 4 end on June 19th, 2010. We have received responses to extend our current June 19th, 2010 deadline for pre-orders, and an update about that will be released shortly.

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