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ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2010 (Dallas, TX)


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SGC is returning for 2010, set to take place at the Westin DFW hotel from July 2nd to the 4th. What will it have this year?


-Arcades and pinball machines set to freeplay. The arcade space will be moving out of its previous room, so there will be more arcades to play.

-A vendor area with classic games for sale among other goodies (including an appearance by Mad Gear imports).

-Panels with special guests related to the hobby such as the AVGN and Uwe Boll, more to be announced as the convention nears.

-Special competitions for both classic and modern games, including the main event: the Iron Man of Gaming.

-A movie room showing classic gaming related cartoons and other oddities.

-BYOC LAN and tabletop gaming areas.


I'll also be bringing "Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch" for its first public demo.



I might also be bringing my 7800, Harmony cart, TAC-2s/TAC-5s, Jay's awesome RSI controllers, and paddles for some multiplayer action on a variety of titles. Will any AtariAge members be attending, or is anyone from here already planning to go?


If you're interested in attending, here's my referral link: http://www.sgconvention.com/register.php?ref=mugenmidget

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Ooh, did you go to the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition in any of its previous years? It sounds like they run a good show, I've been meaning to check it out. I hope they do a 2010 show.


Also, the ScrewAttack site has updated with part of the schedule for the event, so make sure to check it out if you're interested in any of the kinds of events they'll be having. :)

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I've actually been an exhibitor every year at OVGE. Jesse runs a GREAT show. Last year I did a fighting game retrospective table and ran a SF3 tournament, and this year I'm hoping to team up with Max Newton and do a joint table where he runs his Neo Geo stuff and I do the Capcom side of things. I'd love it if we could just run tournaments all day long.

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I've actually been an exhibitor every year at OVGE. Jesse runs a GREAT show. Last year I did a fighting game retrospective table and ran a SF3 tournament, and this year I'm hoping to team up with Max Newton and do a joint table where he runs his Neo Geo stuff and I do the Capcom side of things. I'd love it if we could just run tournaments all day long.

OHHHHH I saw a picture of your fighting game exhibit (with Zangief signs, right?!), it looked awesome! I'll have to make it out to the 2010 show in that case, I love random fighting game tournaments. :D
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Yeah, that was me. Was pretty fun, actually. The "Zangief Sez" signs actually WORKED, too. Only one person asked the price on something and I had to tell him it was just and exhibition. This year, though, I'm gonna do things a little different, especially if I team up with Max. I'll just be bringing consoles and televisions and running fighters on them. I'll still do a little table decorating, but it's gonna just be fighters and nothing else this year, no display, no exhibition, none of that.

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The show is basically the same as last year, but with no Nolan Bushnell or other keynote speakers. Also, there were only four arcade games set up for free play. The dealer's room was the same odd mix of imports (including a Super Game Boy 2 that I'd never even heard of), trinkets, and common and relatively common older and newer games, but there were some rarities for sale and some interesting odds and ends (such as the Captain America and the Avengers arcade plexi logo-- or whatever you call it--that I bought for $10).


From a personal standpoint, they wouldn't let me set up at a table near the entrance like I did last year, so I was just an attendee. They said it wouldn't be fair to other dealers, but last year they thought it was cool to have an author on hand to do a book signing. They agreed that it added to the show. They were polite enough this time, but for some reason they didn't have the same attitude this year about the signing as they did last year, which is strange since it went so well. I directed people to the sign-up booth, brought in some new customers who otherwise wouldn't have gone to the show, talked to customers who got bored between things to do, and sold a fair number of books. It was a win-win situation, and I'm baffled as to why they didn't feel that way this year.


We met Keith Apicary in the dealer's room, and he was very nice, but, as always, totally in character.


Overall, the show has an odd feel to it. Very exclusive. It seems like most of the people there knew each other from the website, and the people who run the show are YouTube stars, so that's kind of different. It's hard to explain, but it has a different vibe than any other convention I've ever been to. A lot of people there spend lots of time just hanging out, playing their DS.


mugenmidget recognized me and introduced himself, so that was cool. It was nice meeting him.




Went back Friday evening for the AVGN autographing. He was friendly, he posed for a picture with my son, and he seemed to be having fun. There was a long line, but it went fairly quickly and was well organized. The people in line were cool, and Keith Apicary was going around acting crazy, keeping everyone entertained. I'll be going back today for a screening of Wizard (we have the movie on DVD, but my son wants to enjoy the experience with a big group of people, probably making fun of it), and to attend the Talking Classics panel. And to say hey to Pacecar (from the Digital Press forums).

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Went back to ScrewAttack this afternoon in time for the 3:00 screening of Wizard, which my son wanted to see. He figured everyone would be making fun of it (some were), and that it would be fun to watch the film with a room full of people. Unfortunately, the movie didn't start until 3:45. I asked the ScrewAttackers at the registration desk to put the movie on, but they said there was nothing they could do about it. It was only after several other people approached the registration desk and asked the same thing that the film got played.


There were four more arcade cabinets set up on free play, including Donkey Kong. By sheer coincidence, I watched King of Kong this morning (for only the second time), so I was definitely in the mood for some Kong. Unfortunately, I didn't break the world record. My high score for the day was close to 40,000.


I had a nice time talking with Pacecar (from the Digital Press boards) and picked up boxed copies of The Empire Strikes Back and Guerilla War for the NES.


Keith Apicary and his Talking Classics circus was funny, but it started about 45 minutes late. Also, I there was way too much male flesh on display for my tastes, though all the guys running around saying they were Rambo was mildly amusing. Keith himself is an amazing physical comedian and was very quick witted with off-the-cuff answers to the various questions posed by the audience.


Overall, it was an entertaining show, but I far prefer the more traditional videogame conventions like the Classic Gaming Expo and the Oklahoma Video Game Expo. As one person at the show said, ScrewAttack is not a convention--it's a party.


A couple of suggestions for to good folks who run ScrewAttack:


There needs to be a larger vendor's room with more videogame dealers.

There needs to be more of an effort to make the show more inclusive to outsiders.


There's aren't many videogame shows in Texas, so Kudos to SGC for a fun (if headache-inducing) convention (I mean party).

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