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Doom II


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Necrobump! :D


I spent a good bit of time with this in the last couple of days. I've got to say, the new episode is pretty damn difficult. There's no double barrel shotgun on the first few levels, so you have to play against DOOM II exclusive enemies Ultimate DOOM-style which makes you have to re-think your game. These new levels are also very cleverly designed (got to love that last level, haha) and ammo is more scarce than it is in the standard DOOM II campaign. You really have to take things slow and be smart with how to play.


Also I found that with the "You've Got Guts" achievement, you can sort of cheat your way to it via the save system. What I did was use the Cyberdemon on the Tricks and Traps stage and played on the easiest setting (there are several invulnerability spheres as opposed to just one or two). I cleared the room and then pummeled him with rockets. Before destroying him though, I saved the game (while invulnerable) right in front of him and then figured out how many more shots it would take to destroy him. I found it took three with the double barrel shotgun, so I simply reloaded my game, nailed him twice, then pulled out my fists and it was only a few more hits from there. It's a nice and easy way to get the achievement for anyone that doesn't want to get frustrated with it. :)

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