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'Quantum Leap' theme

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Okay, so in 1993 -- couple years after the TV show ended -- I was 19 and my brother and I created a TI program that played the tv theme. We used the MUSIC MAKER cartridge to make the music and it sounded great. Using that, we made the 'Call Sound' statements for the Extended BASIC program; the music all flowed together using the "-" in the statements. I designed the graphics, too, and it all was great. It was uploaded to a couple BBS's.

This was mentioned in 1993 "MicroPendium".


Well, I imagine I still have this, but I can't find it. SOOOO...does anybody out there in TI land have this file or remember even trying it back then? Just curious if anybody ever listened to it.

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The cactus patch.... I'd sure love it if I had the ability to run a BBS. I mean, I would just take a whacked out approach and screw with everyone's head.... I'd have "Mike Ward's" Serial Killer game as the main game at the door. :) Thats a seriously screwed up piece of programming, let me tell you!! :)

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