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Would hooking it up to the PBI be more useful?


Gee, exactly my very first thought (yet again)... unless there is a vital enabling/disabling difference between hooking to the Cart. port vs. the PBI.


I thought this was precisely the reason for PBI to ever exist...

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From the picture next to the XE, is it actually plugged into the cart port? It doesn't look long enough to extend past the Atari cart shell release tabs. Or maybe needs a small adapter so that can be used on XL/XE?

You'll see that two chunks of the board have been filed out to accommodate the release tabs. I hadn't noticed this at first.

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Guess I want one (or two) as well. But take your time Fall this year would suffice :)


My first idea is to let the cart render the screen (tile map and LOTS of SW sprites) and the 6502 is starting the rendering then doing a gfx kernel (change HW-registers) in visible part of screen and advancing the game logic in the invisble. Then changing buffers and update the 16-bit CPU with a new game state and let him churn away.

Considering the 65816 has NO RAM-refresh no ANTIC-DMA stealing it must be horrible fast.


A quick calculation shows that it should be theoretically able to render 24 soft sprites (9x16 pixel) in the 70 scan lines of the PAL-VBL alone.

Considering that with some "modern" instructions it might even be faster. Might as well be at least 10 13x24 sprites :)

Please someone pull me back to the ground and tell me it isn't THAT fast.


Let alone, 6502 could play digi sound with 15KHz (or at least 7KHz).

What nonsense am I talking. The cart runs a SID emulation of course (in the other 200 scan lines left over by the soft-sprite renderer :) )

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