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Gameplay footage of Foodfight 7800 vs FB1 version

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I made some game play footage of both the 7800 and the Flashback version of Food Fight. I hooked up my Flashback console to my computer in order to record footage off of it. The Flashback 1 console is a NES on a chip, with 20 reprogrammed games. Most of the games are very different from the original Atari version. Also, the developer were rushed to get this thing out for sale, which I do not understand why. Even Adventure was not identical and the NES limitation held it back a bit(bring everything into the dark room and some sprites will not be drawn), which I will show footage of later. I don't see a lot of lengthly footage of Flashback on youtube, so I decided to make some.


fair warning, the videos are loud so lower the video player volume a bit.


7800 footage:



The last screen shot at the end of the video shows the correct maximum number display for this game.


Flashback footage:



This video been edited down from 2 hours into 10 minutes of gameplay showing the good part


Flashback does not limit the stage end point and rolls over from 65500 to 484. The 6th digit score mess up when it is over 900,000 points. I believe the 7800 version that the first zero is a prop and it display 7 number display properly. No instant replay. Over 250 levels to venture through until it flips over back to 1. Yes I played through this game twice flipping over the level display. The Flashback footage was played on beginner to show that the numbering flaws. 7800 version was played on Novice,which the chef throws food at you.


I hope you like these footage. Enjoy.

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Also, the developer were rushed to get this thing out for sale, which I do not understand why.


Legacy was rushed because we were told the product had to be read for the Christmas season, or there would be no FB2. The FB1 was originally intended to be what became the FB2, but because of the timeframe limitations the NOAC was used.

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