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Season 6 Week 1 - Mario Bros.


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Welcome to week 1 of the 6th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This week's game is going to be Mario Bros.


Title: Mario Bros

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: June, 1986 (US)

Twin Galaxies High Score: 8,506,530 by Chad Brevik




ROM: Mario Bros.


Play "Game A".




None yet!






Mario Bros.



None yet!

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The time seems to go by faster on the coin bonus stages on this version and the physics are a bit different.

The bad guys land a little further away on this version than they do on the 7800 version.

I like to have the Sidesteppers (the red crab guys) land on the same floor as Mario.




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Sorry for the delay.


This season, and probably from here on out, 9 points will be awarded to first place, 6 to second, 3 to third, and everyone else will get 1.


Here are the first weeks results:


  • 1. RJ - 319040 - 9 pts.
    2. roadrunner - 240960 - 6 pts.
    3. darthkur - 122000 - 3 pts.
    4. LarcenTyler - 80910 - 1 pt.
    5. atari1600land - 75610 - 1 pt.
    6. Hitachi - 72760 - 1 pt.
    7. wizardspade80 - 65810 - 1 pt.
    8. ClassicGMR - 58530 - 1 pt.
    9. Tr3vor - 44290 - 1 pt.



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