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Bought a FB2 at Goodwill tonight

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just picked up a FB2 at goodwill tonight... got it for $21 including tax, with two controllers, and ps... hooked it up and it seems its has some issues...


at first when i turned it on, just a solid color screen... i opened it up and looked around the board (its the smaller board rev) touched a couple contacts around the reset button that look like the data/address lines, and it actually made it look like a 2600 with no cart in it, instead of a blank solid color screen... it doesnt like like it has a failed attempt for a mod, all test point/solder pads are clean...


so any ideas what could be wrong with it?





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Sloopy - I dunno if you if you still have this unit, but while I was working on my FB mod, the AV "sub board" became half connected at one point and I saw some similar results. Check to make sure that the gray wires leading to the sub board are fully connected. They are relatively easy to reconnect if that needs to be done, but use a magnifying glass.

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