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At least 181 reasons to love my collection


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Nice. Where did you pick up the Panda Games? I'm always interested in purchasing those.


CIB of course!

From a private sale, I had to purchase a large lot and these 7 were the ones I didn't have. Those Panda games are very tough. I was more surprised to find Cannon Man as I never see it up for sale.
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Very happy to own this, sorry you didn't get what you we're hoping, but I am extremely happy to have this in my colllection


Don't worry. ebay bidding made it fair ;). I know what is to have something interesting in your collection, mine would be my incomplete Swordquest: Waterworld :)

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Very nice, I love loaner carts. The loaners I have for my Lynx are some of my favorite in my collection. Kind of silly maybe, I mean they usually are exactly the same as the full release versions, but the difficulty in finding them definitely adds a certain level of satisfaction getting them :)

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