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At least 181 reasons to love my collection


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Nice grey box collection very tough to get I only have a couple and would like to get them all. Occasionally I see these in boxed lots but you have to buy everything to get at 1 game. Do you consider the mythical hangman to be part of this group?

I Don't , I consider it a stand alone. I have only seen 2 in all my years collecting. I bid on a hidden one in a lot years back, only to loose by one bid to another member here. :(

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Good LORD dude, that is an AMAZING collection!!!


DEMON ATTACK!!!  That was one of my favorite games on the 2600!!!  My brother, who was 4 years older than me, he loved it too, but he called it "Guano Attack"...lol.


Haunted House, Yar's Revenge, Adventure, Custer's Revenge (sorry, that's a joke) and Asteroids round out the list of my fav's on the 2600.


Great stuff dude!!! 

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On 11/18/2018 at 1:21 PM, atari181 said:

some sort of loaner cart


I searched around to see if I could find any information about the company on the label and I ended up tracking down a woman who used to work for them.  I asked her about this cartridge and this is what she told me...


Wow, I never thought I'd see that name pop up in my email!  Cole/Green/Associates has been closed for many years now but of course I remember working on video game testing back then.  Who knew it would become a multi-billion dollar industry?


To answer your question, our company conducted general research with a sub specialty in toys and games.  We tested several games for Sega, including "The Search for Spock," because Sega had just been purchased by Paramount Pictures.  Imagine a little stick figure Enterprise moving around looking suspiciously like the arcade game "Asteroids."

We also tested a game called Tac-Scan, although I can't remember much about it.  We had a hard time finding kids who owned Atari 2600's because it was so new.  Mostly rich kids from Palos Verdes.

My husband and I now own our own research company (we got married while working together at Cole/Green!) and continue to test video games for all the big makers (Disney, Ubisoft, etc.)

Thanks for a trip down memory lane!


I would assume the "Search for Spock" game she saw essentially became Star Trek: SOS but I can't be sure.  Unfortunately, she didn't respond when I asked for clarification.  Just thought I'd share.


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3 hours ago, Captain_Combat said:

Nice prototypes, they compliment your overall collection well. Did you buy those in the recent goodwill lots?

Yes, I won both lots. In typical Goodwill sales, they tried to screw me over.

After receiving this lot,  I noticed the Centipede loaner was not with the lot and was up for sale for $599.  It is clearly pictured in the first picture of the auction.  I sent them a message and pointed this and the fact that the auction said " you will only receive what is pictured"  only to be told that i received exactly what was offered.  I was extremely pissed off and I sent a message stating so.  Luckily the message was given to a supervisor who pulled the Centipede listing and mailed it off to me. 

I hate dealing with Goodwill.  They are lucky, I was just going to screw them as they did me and call my CC and file a fraud case. 





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Can’t believe they tried to rip you off like that. I had those auctions in my watch list but never bid. Despite the hassle you did very well on the lots and will make good money  ? when and if you decide to break some of it up. You could probably put the 100 or so loose games that you don’t want with a console and get at least $400 or more. 


I stopped donating to goodwill after I walked in their store and saw how much they were charging other people for the stuff they take in for free.

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