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At least 181 reasons to love my collection


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Yeah, no secret on where I got them. No need to worry about the V-cases right now. I'm focusing on NTSC. I'm very close to finishing a lot of companies so my primary focus is filling those holes.

Now if some fall into my lap..................................


here is the last Activisin I needed CIB/NIB


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Love the classic design of that Wall Ball box, I've never seen it before.


Cool score on that Matra V-case, if i'd known that label would be in that box i would have been some serious competition for you ;) But it is nevertheless interesting to know that they came in those boxes - Not sure if Rom Hunter has made the correlation between the Matra box and the 'space boy' label either, you should let him know.

What games are on it?



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All I need now is my Box for Out Of Control to Finish Avalon



Atari Red NIB



Atari Misc CIB






Sears CIB





A couplePAL V carts and a PAL Riddle Of The Sphinx in a strange pack





The riddle of sphinx cart is NTSC, as are all picture-label imagic carts (got that "strange" pack myself).


How many of those redlabel boxes got red label carts in them?



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I really enjoy following the additions to this collection. Your collection is amazing.


I have one question, though: Where do you keep all of this?


I'm about to have to start making some hard choices on my boxed games, as I'm running out of shelf space.

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