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At least 181 reasons to love my collection


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Thanks, I wish I had some of the 2600 items that the big collectors here have. I have a ways to go to get in their league.

I would guess around 1250-1500 carts. It's been awhile since I counted them.


I think you are one of the big collectors here.

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Interesting Chopper Command, any printing on the back or inside ?


It's definitely PAL, came with the warranty card and a generic looking instructions. Looks like someone could have written on an empty case, the back is blank?


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Have you actually purchased Decathlon from Jerry? I ask because I bought it from him and he emailed me he can't find it when he shipped my purchase.

Yes, he had those auctions on HES games set to 6 available, so when an item was purchased, the listing was not removed. I'm sure he got confused. He is an old man now!

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