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HSC Season 2 Week 47: Galaxian

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A game where a spaceship flies back and forth shooting aliens in space.


Game Information

Game Name: Galaxian [Namco Set 1]

Released By: Namco, 1979

MAME ROMset: Galaxian

Dip Switches: Lives: 3; Bonus: 7,000

Chosen By: rmaerz

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/1611

Twin Galaxies M.A.M.E. World Record: 1,769,990




1. 31,290 rmaerz

2. 13,110 retrorussell

3. 11,630 roadrunner

4. 11,090 Mister VCS

5. 10,100 LarcenTyler

6. 4,720 patbb






Competition ends Sunday, July 4 @ 12PM EST



Season Standings

Calculations through week 46

1. roadrunner 625

2. rmaerz 487

3. darthkur 430

4. LarcenTyler 269

5. retrorussel 205

6. aftermac 177

7. mightymage 127

8. Dr Galaga 95

9. FlyingTurtle 93

10. Mister VCS 50

11. SpiceWare 44

12. Fallout_002 38

13. Kurt_Woloch 36

14. Shannon 33

15. 4Ks 27

16. MaximRecoil 21

17. homerwannabee 11

17. rsiddall 11

17. Zoyx 11

20. joeypsp 10

20. patbb 10

22. maximebeauvis 9

23. HatNJ 8

24. Gamemaster_ca_2003 6

Edited by rmaerz
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Well, I definitely improved my game at Galaxian this week...


Here are some tips on Galaxian:




Some observations I have made:


If the convoy is heading towards the very far edge of the screen (and you'll be able to tell by the angle it takes) I let it go. It's a trap! The convoy will attempt to get you to chase and then a purple Galaxian comes over and your pinned. Let 'em go, let 'em re-stage and shoot them (two reds and then the flagship) when the flight pattern best suits your fancy. In that instance, let the convoy go and shoot any purple Galaxians on the screen instead. They're the tricky ones...

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4720 ... I Better read those tips!


One other tip, in case you don't know.. after shooting the yellow Galaxian in mid-flight (as long as there are 8 or more aliens left) you will have 5 seconds or so where the aliens will not attack. Take this time to mow down as many as you can.

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Finally broke the the 10k mark, albeit by a kamikaze Galaxian alien crashing into my last ship.


Remember, while you may think that it's best to shoot the flagships after shooting their escorts to get maximum points, you should also note that whenever you shoot down a flagship, the fleet will pause for a moment (apparently, they're mourning the loss of their flagships!) This is your chance to go after them.

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