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XB action game 'CHASE'


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Well, I have thrown myself back into programming again. Been since April - wow. Have had a few problems, not the least of which a HD crash.


I have been trying to work on assembly and felt I needed a break from it and I threw together this game today. I had intentions of making it 2 players, but I could not eek out the clock cycles needed to make the collisions detection responsive enough. So no it is just a single player game with a HI score implement. This game has real promise as a fun 2 player competition game, but in basic I can't make it work so maybe a revisit with assembly someday.




Let's see,

Game - CHASE


Object - To chase down the targets.

You start in the center of the screen as a pulsing circle. Move yourself around the screen with the joystick. If you come in contact with a target piece you will score points.


Scoring - Each target has a value that is randomly chosen from 0-9 pts. You can tell the value by the number of dots inside the target target. Each time you score you will change to the other color.


Strategies - If you can catch a target the same color as yourself you score double points. Pick the highest value target in your color to score big.

With each target you catch also comes a new speed for you, the higher the value target the slower your new speed will be. Grab a 0 pt target for a speed boost to catch that high value target! Zero can still have a value for strategy just not for points.


End Game - The game starts with a timer counting down from 99, when it reaches 0 the game ends. If your Hi score is higher then the last Hi score the HI:score will be updated at the top of the screen. You have options to replay or end after each game.


This game was programmed in Classic99, not tested on a real TI machine or other emulators.






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