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HSC7 Bonus Round "Time for Desert"

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Bonus Round: Time for Desert


Ok we have a cracking set of five games and 1 month to play them. The format is 1pt per place per game. Plus 5 bounus round points for playing all 5 games. These are totalled up on the main table and allocated to HSC points. But these are double regular HSC points! so 24,22,20 down to 4 then 2 if we get that many players...


So you set off in your Baja Buggy, (settings PRO, Course 1) then you by chance find the Lost Tomb. After dying here you decide Tutankhamun's tomb is a much more relaxing place to plunder ancient artefacts from, then the Pharaoh's Curse gets you and you are Attacked by Mutant Camels, ouch, before driving back in your Buggy (PRO Course 2). All clear? excellent :D


Bonus Round Closes 31st July 2010. Scores will be updated on the table on the next post. Take default options apart from Baja Buggies. What's that you'd like an ATR with all the games on it? 2nd version of HSC7TimeForDesert.atr (with fixed Lost Tomb)(mydos/mypicodos) ;)


If you need any help let me know.

Have fun :grin:

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Coming up a bit dry in the desert so far. :ponder:





Scores to date


Attack of the Mutant Camels: 38

Baja Buggies : 45

Lost Tomb : N/A

Pharoah's Curse : 1050 (note: I was too slow to get a screen shot)

Tutenkham : N/A

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The text size for this thread looks different. :jango:

That's a feature of the html table code... if there are any HTML/VB experts who want to take a look at the code let me know ;)


It's gonna be a long hot month... boy I don't remember sucking so badly at some of these games... but glad too see it's not just me :D on the good side was Pharoah's Curse collected all but 3 treasures score 4,030...


Baja Buggies I was 30th in Race 1 and 37th in Race 2... If you don't complete the race note the position in the bottom right, you can avoid cars by ducking over the edge of the road while you speed holds out, I need to practice more!


The xex of Lost Tomb on our ATR has a bug, screen goes shake-crazy after the whip sale (room 9ish) so I'm checking out one on Fandal's site & the v1 'Homesoft turbo version' there are two ATR versions on atarionline.pl too. for emulator users Atarimania has the .cas version which the comments say works ok. Score 12,640. Make use of the whips (fire when not moving to bash throug walls).


Did a bit better at AOTMC but didn't take the first wave 1,149... you can duck underneath them which is cool.


Tutenhkam(un) if you're on real hardware good luck is seeing the score, and I thought my colour schemes were bad! 38,200 if you can't make it out post the level and a best guess


Will update the table tomorrow :)








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Interesting collection of games! Tutankhamun(one of my all-time favs) has great sound, but needs some serious help in the color dept. I bet someone could clean this one up real nice (and then give it the 2-stick SuperSystem treatment a la Space Dungeon/Robotron so it can be played the proper way... :ponder: :D )


Score tally:

AoMC-- 68,592

B.Buggies-- course 1:13th; course 2:10th

Lost Tomb-- 35,040

Ph. Curse-- 2,670

Tut-- 49,280

post-21471-127875529544_thumb.png post-21471-127966476485_thumb.png


post-21471-127867050326_thumb.png post-21471-127969346445_thumb.png

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pharaoh 3920

losttomb 2260

camels 411

tutankhamon 18480 (which version of this is preferred, blue or black background?)

buggies 57th


Sorry, no pictures. With a month left, I'm hoping to do better.

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Sorry, no pictures. With a month left, I'm hoping to do better.

No problem, screen shots are optional unless you get a really really good score and no-one believes you :D Do you have another tut with better colours?


Now that 20 people have downloaded the first ATR I've added a new version with the fixed/tape version of Lost Tomb (it has a turbo-loader screen so takes a litte while to start but at least you can get past screen 6 now!) :)

I've had another bash at AOTMC and managed to get to the third train(?), 68,998, there must have been no worries about flashing images (during the hyper warp) in those days ;) [anyone know what's that middle score thingy?]




Remeber folks for Baja you need two scores, one for Pro Course 1 and one for Pro Course 2. If you finish you'll get a time (I think) but otherwise the position from the bottom right is what you need to post.


p.s. Table updated above!

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pharaoh 1025

Tutenkham: no idea, completed level one and collected a few keys/items on level 2, but can't see the scoreicon_rolleyes.gif


Baja Buggies Pro Course 2: 32nd

lost tomb: 1300

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If you only have the first "disk" version of Lost Tomb you can get past room 6 by playing on 2 player and killing player 1 off... but the 2nd player freezes once player 1 is dead :!: Also foind a cool bug if you go through the gap on screen 1 (player 2) you get out to the secret staircase where rooms 00 01 and 02 are shown then if you go into room 2 which is now on the wrong side of the pyramid there is no way out ;)


More Hints:

Lost Tomb - you are two graphics blocks tall so just watch your feet when walking around: your head/body can touch the traps/bad guys before they have come to life(?)/blocks in the throne rooms etc without you getting killed


Baja Buggies - dabbing that brake a lot helps

C1:28th C2:21st :)


Table updated




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