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7800 Piggyback Expansion Module comes to life!

Curt Vendel

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SIO on the back, DB9 on the side... what people do with them, well... ;-)


Okay, haven't slept since yesterday, but here we are, this is the 7800 Expansion Module:






Very tired....



Nice! What are the ports on the back and the right for? Keyboard? :-)

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I know the coders are now talking about a lot of possibilities with the new features. It would be great to see a lot of the new games upgraded with Pokey sounds, see perhaps Donkey Kong "fixed" with arcade sound. It would be great to see games like Joust 2, Major Havoc, Tempest, Battlezone and others done now that there will be ample memory and better sound capabilities.




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Products like this, no matter how technically impressive, entirely miss the point of coding on classic consoles. Part and parcel of coding on antique hardware is that it's technologically limited, so you suck it up and deal with it. The challenge is the entire point. If you don't want to deal with it, then why are you bothering? Go write Flash games instead.


And from a gamer's perspective-- Once you slap on this module, it's no longer an Atari 7800. It's a... I dunno... Curtari Vendelsystem. I have fond nostalgic memories of the Atari 7800, which is why homebrews for it still interest me. The Vendelsystem, on the other hand, I couldn't possibly care less about. If I want a version of Donkey Kong with better sound, I'll just fire up MAME. Ultimately, it all makes about as much sense as going to a Civil War reenactment and handing out AK-47s.


This isn't even addressing the installed base problem. The 7800 fan base is already pretty damn small. Fracturing it even further seems foolish at best. Even when major console manufacturers have attempted to introduce expansion modules, it's never been particularly successful.


But hey, maybe I'm wrong. If anyone has a more substantive rebuttal than "screew U zylonlame yuo suck!!11!", I'd certainly be happy to listen.

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Just kidding. I agree that it won't truly be an Atari 7800 and the games won't truly be Atari 7800 games. However, I still think it is cool and can add something special to 7800 community. I doubt that once this comes out we will see the end of non-expansion module 7800 homebrews.

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