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Gateway to Apshai 2600


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Hello everyone,

Recently, when looking through some 2600 game files to play on Stella, I stumbled upon a file called "Gateway to Apshai" for the 2600 that was written by Manuel Rotschkar. I was pretty excited. It was my favorite games for the C64. Unfortunately, it wouldn't run. The game would load and show a static scene of the warrior in the dungeon (see attachment), but that's it. I don't know if there is a problem with the program or the author just stopped working on it. If anyone on this forum has any information about Gateway to Apshai for the 2600, please reply.


Many thanks,



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Welcome! It is only a demo, the game was not completed.


That's a shame, it's one of my favorite games also. Could the 2600 really handle it, though?


Too many 'demos' that are never finished, sad to say. :(


"...It is only a demo..."

That's disappointing.


Thanks for the replies,


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I know that only a demo (without gameplay) does exist. But: do you think this is possible - must have scrolling to all sides, several enemies and „remember“ the items (with an inventory screen). The graphics are „almost there“ and look really nice in the demo. Would be a nice addition in the Atari 2600 library IMO ?

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