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Replacement power cord for original Flashback?

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Hmmmm, I don't have the original, but would the power specs be higher than the FB2 since it's NOAC as compared to regular 2600 guts on the FB2? It says it is 120 volts on the plug-in, so I'd assume the FB1 is about the same.

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the pOWER PACK FOR THE FLASHBACK II is a just a dc power pack although all you need is 5vDC to run the Flashback II I have since put my flashback II inside a old Atari 2600 case and am using a 9v DC 500Ma power pack and the lm3905 voltage regulator and the original atari 2600 capacitor to get it to 5v DC for the power input but the flashback II is a 9v DC 200Ma power pack I would suggest using a 500Ma power pack If you plan to do the mod since the atari carts and 2732/64/256 chips take more power but if you dont do the Cart mod you should be fine w a 9vDC 200Ma I would just get a 500Ma power pack check youre thrift or Good will they usually have lots of {(ansewering machines just make shure + in the middle and DC some answering machines power packs are AC 9v and would need a rectifire bridge and capacitor to make DC way to mutch work when you could just find a DC power pack.) or cordless phones with power packs all over the place.. GOOD LUCK.

oh ps I remembered where I saw one


it was here a long time ago in the picture!!

Also there is a 5v voltage regulator inside the flashback II thats why I opted to reuse a broken 2600 for its cart slot and its power capacitor and the fact that I had a old funvision power pack witch is a 9v 500ma power pack that plugs into a 2600 nicely its kind of a pain but if youre going to do the cart mod you might as whell put the whole thing inside a old non working 2600 .. I just used the b/w switch on the old 2600 for built in/cart and the ch3 switch for b/w it was almost as hard to solder the cart wires as it was to solder the joystick inputs.. at least the a/b switches just short to gnd..

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I was not going to reply, since I don't have the data you seek, but considering how helpful the responses have been, I'm almost inclined to say something equally useless just to continue the pattern. :) Maybe: "You should look at the specs on the one that it came with." Or perhaps: "Try just using it without the power supply." And then there's the always popular "My cat's breath smells like cat food."


On the more helpful side of things, I suggest you send a message to AtariAge user "Curt Vendel" asking your question, since he's the guy who designed the thing.



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