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Portions of my personal collection of systems up for sale

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I need some money to fund my arcade cab obsession, so I am thinking about letting go of some of my consoles. Here is what is up for grabs. These all are in excellent condition as they are my personal stash. I also have some systems in need of repair that will be going for cheap. All games are common unless otherwise stated. PM if interested and I will send you a full list of games for each system.


Panasonic 3DO with 6 games (no boxes, discs only)

Series I genesis with a Sega CD and 32x unit (6 Sega CD games, 2 32x(

Power modded Atari 5200 and 12 games (includes Adventure II Homebrew CIB)

N64 (8 games, all looses carts)

Sega Saturn (6 games in CD jewell cases)

Atari 2600 Jr (both color schemes)

Sears Arcade II

Sears 6-switch system

Original Atari "Sunnyvale" 6-switch system

Sega Genesis Series II

Intellivsion with Intellivoice module and 12 games, including 3 Intellivoice games

Magnavox Odysee II with 24 games (3 CIB)


Non-working systems

Boxed Odysee II (no idea what is wrong with it)

Boxed 5200 with Atari 2600 cartridge adapter (2600 carts work fine on this machine, but 2600's don't)

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