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New Xbox 360 4 GB Console Release Date and Features


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The new Xbox 360 4GB Console is set to ship on August 3, 2010 and replaces the previous Xbox 360 Arcade model.


4 GB internal memory

Built in 802.11n Wi-Fi



it's the new black design. 4 gigs might not sound like much but the previous arcade model came with 256mb. 4 gigs is plenty of space to download demos and whatnot. the fact that it's only $200 doesn't hurt either.


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Nice.. But there is not way for another HD to plug into these new Black systems, is there?


yes but unfortunately it's proprietary. but like moycon said, you can use usb memory sticks now.


edit-just did some research, any usb memory sticks up to 16 gigs will work. it doesn't have to be an "official" xbox one.

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So, are you saying that if you got one of the $199 360 slim units, you could use a USB drive and it would then be backward compatible with the original X-Box games?!?





With so much internal memory, I imagine you'd probably just be able to use the Xbox emulator directly off the onboard memory now.

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It was my understanding that you "had" to have a hard drive for the BC games...




That's correct, but they also didn't have 4 gigs of internal memory.


Whose to say it won't work now? If the emulator is just looking for a certain amount of internal memory (Which there would be plenty of on this new arcade model), or Microsoft updates the emulator to recognize that this model has ample memory even without a HD to support it, I see no reason why it couldn't work.

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I guess that means that you will only be able to stick about 3 to 4 dvd games/content onto the memory stick (given the stated size mem. stick you people mentioned)


Does this mean then that publishers/developers are moving away from fixed media formats (dvd/blu ray) onto more portable media forms (mem. cards/sticks)...especially for this games system

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