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halo reach unboxing


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I wanted to do a search of the forums on the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach before I started my own thread, which is the reason for this bump. Unfortunately, I see that the video linked above is no longer available, but the thread topic is nonetheless appropriate (even though I guess this probably had to do with the console).


Basically, I purchased the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach last year for a steal on Amazon. I've already played through the campaign twice (solo and co-op) and am sure that I'll make my way back to it at some point.


So last year when I got it, I off course took the game disc case out, and even took the statue out and in a nice place up in the man cave. But I never bothered to take the 'thing' out of the box that the game disc case came in.


Over a year later, last night, I'm thinking to myself that while I don't really feel like gaming at all, it would be cool to take a look at what I assumed was a case with bonus video in it or something. So I break out the 'ol Legendary Edition case and proceed to open up the bubble wrapped package.


OMG....this thing is amazing! It's just this absolutely beautiful rendition of Catherine Halsey's journal, replete with her ID Badge, a Map, little slips of paper slipped between various pages. All sorts of goodies! Even the form of the journal itself looks as if it was really hers.


Basically it's a 'love letter' from Bungie to Halo fans, because the amount of care and planning that went into it is amazing.


Now, I know that $150 MSRP is pretty pricey, but I highly doubt they were making huge margins on this after all was said and done. Plus, with a little shopping I'm confident you could get it quite a bit cheaper (I got mine for $45 on Amzaon, but again, that was probably over a year ago).


But in any event, if you're a big Halo fan, I highly suggest getting this. Reading this journal and going through all the 'artifacts' alone is worth it.

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Looks like it's going for $55 on Amazon now. Not bad.

I wound up pre-ordering the Limited edition, which I believe has everything the Legendary version has but the big statue.

I paid like $80 for mine new, looks like Amazon has that version for $38 now.

I love limited editions! :thumbsup:

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