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Halo for the 2600 Released at CGE! Download the game here!


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I think its great that a guy involved with a modern console would be willing to try his hand at working on a game on an old console system, so I know personally I'm very happy to see Ed release such a game for the 2600...


though, I don't know wtf is up, no matter which emulator I've tried, I can't seem to fire, its a USB keyboard and it works with other games (spacebar to fire) but 2600 Halo doesn't want to cooperate for me, I'll figure it out...




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Someone should send Mark from Classic Game Room on youtube a hard copy of this game that he could play on the 2600. He is always joking about having modern games released on the 2600 and vectrex. I think he would love this and maybe he would make a review of it.




That is the youtube channel.

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I'm really not big on new systems so Now this is my kind of Halo Game! Was awesome at the show but to be honest - I cannot wait to go home and play my cart with Bean. :lust:


this is so awesome that i'm near speechless. this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen.


if this were available in the store i'd buy at least 2 copies, i'm that psyched about it.

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Wow, I hadn't seen this before now. The quote of mine that was posted earlier was written in response to an unrelated, "legally gray" homebrew that was done for another console (and which is no longer being sold), but it's cool to see that this one seems to be an officially sanctioned project. And it looks like a great game!


There are 171 guests here at this hour, so I guess the word is spreading. At this rate, we might break the 11/13/06 record for the most simultaneous visitors to AtariAge, and this time, we'll actually know why it happened! :lol:

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Is there a picture of the cart? I'd love to see what it looks like. I downloaded the rom and its great. Also made a quick little youtube video of the rom. Hope that's ok


The quote above got me thinking about this though - how is Bungee and/or Microsoft going to feel about this? Will there be legal problems from this release?



The rom has just been released..no cart exists yet? I asked Al if he would make it a cart...I would love to buy this from the atariage store or at least from the owner of the software...


With a box would be nice as well...

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