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Halo 2600 Pre-Order


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I'm sorry you already covered this, but can we order two? I picked up an extra 7800 to get modded that I want to bundle with this for my brother this holiday. He is a bit of a graphics hooker and a Halo nut and I'm the retro junkie so I'm thinking this would be pretty neat for him and me to reminesce... the funny thing is I still have his 7800 he thought our mom sold in a yard sale! I put a dollar in his fish bowl and snuck it back to my room.


How much are the carts each?

Even if we're limited to 1 each, I still want one. The AA website and community are awesome btw. I've had an Atari in my house for over 30 years and never knew half this stuff.

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I think some story about the cart is what first led me here... The funny thing is I still don't have a copy of Halo 2600, but I have ordered a 7800 XM, Dungeon, Berzerk VE, and Super Pac for 7800; and I'm reading up on how to program for Assembly. Great community guys!

Still want a copy (2 actually) of Halo. :)

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