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Does anyone here still buy new games?


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When I discovered that 3D Dot Game Heroes launched at 40 bones as opposed to the usual 60-70, I couldn't snap it up fast enough. Before that, I think my previous "new" purchase was Fallout 3 GOTY. Other than that, I'm generally patient enough to let games come down in price, but still prefer to buy new, in case the previous owner was a 12 year old that left loose discs on his hardwood floor.

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I very rarely buy a new game (I did go ahead and preorder Halo Reach though, thanks to the $20 Amazon game credit and I did get 3D Dot Game Heroes at launch...a birthday gift to myself). There are so many games that I already have and that are heading to bargain bin territory that I want to play that there's really no reason to spend $50-$60 on a new game (especially with the limited schedule I have now). With very few exceptions, I'll wait for a game to hit the $20-$30 mark before I'll bite (even waited for Mass Effect 2).

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There have been a few launch day titles I've purchased... Mafia II and Y's 7 Collectors Edition being the most recent.... but the vast majority of games I own for the current systems were purchased either from the bargain bin, during a big sale, or used.


Examples: I recently purchased Dead Space for $10 new from EA and Saboteur for $18 new from Amazon. I also purchased from local flea markets Civilization: Revolution for $8 used & complete, Gears of War 2 Collectors Edition for $5 used & complete, and Halo: ODST for $10 used & complete.




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I used to buy new games. Then I realized that $240 for four games is crazy. $240 a year gets me three games out at a time for year on GameFly. I play more Xbox 360 now than I did before. I get new releases 2 to 3 days after they are released. I will never go back.


(I did buy Mario Galaxy for the Wii though because my son plays all the time.)

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