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Season 6 Week 4 - Ice Climber


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I found ways to get high scores but got sooo bored of the game. :(


Yeah, Hatefulgravey mentioned point pressing in this game in an earlier. So, I tried it for "fun", but it wasn't fun, and it ended up making me do worse. For me if I rushed through the levels, I was already in the "mode" for moving fast, thus the bonus portions of the level were easier. If I tried to point press I just fell down a hole and lost the bonus. The bonuses are worth a lot in the later levels, so your score climbs fast if you can get them. I had the hardest time trying to get to 100k, and I did it only once, but I got on a role and reached my posted high score.


In short IMO this game sucks if you try to point press, but I think that it is really fun if you just run through it.


Also, are we allowed to start the next game? I thought this game ended on Wednesday.



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Oh yeah. I was playing with it because I think it would be really cool to have a record. After about a hour pressing I decided this was a game about time not skill as soon as you started to press.


I should have put more effort into bettering my score for here but to be honest I'm done with this game for a good long while.


In the end the best way to play the game is go through the levels, and take the chances you get to get points without pressing for more.

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Sorry for the delay, but you guys should be used to it by now! ;) Here are this week's scores:


dustfilledhobo  251680   +9
HatefulGravey   118770   +6
pantherrob82    102000   +3
Tr3vor          50680    +1
roadrunner      48980    +1
Sonic R         38740    +1
patbb           30490    +1
ClassicGMR      15380    +1

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