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A "What's a good EMU for XXXX" thread


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Just wanted to add to this to shamelessly bump it, as some have come in here asking questions from time to time about emulators, and this would seriously help them out.


I also wanted to remind those of you who are big fans of emulation, like I am, to check out EmuCR on a somewhat regular basis -




Nichole, the person who runs it, updates it constantly. There's new stuff everyday,with recent updates being the latest builds of Altirra (2.0+ test builds), Supermodel (Sega Model 3 arcade), as well as fun stuff like SToid. (An ST emu for android phones)






They also have new builds almost every day of Dolphin (now referred to as "Dolphin Git") and PCSX2, which are the best Gamecube/Wii and PS2 emulators.


In the future I do plan on trying to update the main list at the start of this thread, as well as adding stuff for OSX users. (I just have to find a good time when my wife does not constantly need her MacBook Pro)

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Virtual Boy - Mednafen. It has just about everything covered, including sound!

I can't find a lot of info on Mednafen's Virtual Boy support. It seems to work well but it's still in 3D. Not a bad thing but I don't have 3D glasses. :)


Reality Boy does greyscale which I like a lot. Any way to get Mednafen to display like Reality Boy does?

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I haven't been about for awhile, and figure I'll update this some.


SNES/NES/GB/GBC - Higan. Higan is now what BSNES is called. Along with an already perfect SNES emulator, it also has pretty much prefect NES emulation as well, along with Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The GBA support is there, but the author Byuu has stated that he has further work to do on it, and isn't sure when that will be. Also in future versions will be DS support.





Atari 8-Bit - Altirra. Works great, and is actively worked on. Beta/test builds can be found on EmuCR.






I have to go look and see what I put originally and see if I still use them, what's good, etc. I know stuff like WinUAE for the Amiga is still the best there, and WinVICE is the best for C64/128 machines. I'll have to clean this up...

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9 year old thread, maybe time for a new one?

Any good emulators for Gamecube?
I tried Dolphin with default pc graphic card, just got black screen.

Any good PS2 emulators?
I tried a few,
one was missing/needed a dll
another i just got black screen.
All 3 need bios and rom bin
can't remember the names now but one of them in the bios folder it had a dummy bio named blow.me LOL WTF!!

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According to Wikipedia the name bsnes was changed to higan and it's still the most accurate emulator for the SNES and other systems.


The thing I don't like about it is that I have to click a billion times whenever I want to import a new ROM. It doesn't remember where the folder is. The good news is that after a game has been imported, you can select it from the Library and you won't have to keep hunting for it.


For people who are new to higan, if you want to use a controller with it, click on Settings, select Input, select the system (Super Famicom = SNES), then double click on a name you want to map and press what you want to use on your controller. When you're done, close the Settings window. It's not working! What happened? When a game is running, you'll see the system name in the bar at the top. Click on it, mouse over Controller Port 1 and select Gamepad. Now your controller should work.

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On 6/25/2019 at 1:49 PM, Random Terrain said:

According to Wikipedia the name bsnes was changed to higan and it's still the most accurate emulator for the SNES and other systems.

Byuu actually has taken to doing bsnes again which is aimed at speed and ease of use compared to higan. It has the same accuracy as higan if you go into the Setting > Emulation window and disable the hacks. It's much easier to use without having to import your games into own folder structure.


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