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Don't worry about gift wrap guys. Just a reminder! If you have not already, please send your gifts out in the next day or so!





pssst.... pssssssst... Hey Axe... on the 30th send a mass PM reminding everyone to have it sent. :rolling:


I've tried but for some reason, it won't let me without entering each member one at a time. No cut and paste.



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I'll wait to see... I'm not sure what we should do... As I see some of the people are still waiting til Christmas.

I have a few more things I am looking for (I hope to get this weekend) and then I can get my box shipped out!


Yes yes, please post pics, description and your reaction to the Secret Santa gifts! Woohoo! :)

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Ok.... here I go!


First off, let me start this post off with explaining how much of a Geek I am. I really enjoy Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. In fact, while growing up, I always recall certain things about Thanksgiving: Watching the Macy's Day Parade with the folks, Listening to "Alice's Restaurant" on the radio, and for some reason, I always watched "A Christmas Story" as well. For years I refused to get the DVD, because some of the charm of 'Christmas Story' was waiting through the commercials.

But in the past 5 years or so, I broke down and bought the dvd as it no longer shows up on TV on Thanksgiving Day. Sure, they run it for 24 hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but that wasn't enough for me to get my 'fix' in. So... I bought it. When I got married, I introduced this tradition to the step-kiddos... the mini-DeLees. They like it better than the Alice's Restaurant.... that's for sure.


About 3 or 4 years ago, for Christmas, my wife brought out one of my favorite gifts. Behold the soft glow of electric sex:



That sucker is always in the middle of my front room window! I always get comments on it as the neighbors love it. To me... that was my Major Award! :)


Fast forward to last night! The wife and I were sitting in the living room and minding our own business. The kiddos were in their rooms doing whatever it is kiddos do at 6pm at night. It is dark outside, so all of my Christmas lights are on. Usually the Dogs can hear anything outside, but a stranger came to the door and they did not even hear that person last night. Then came a LOUD knocking on the door! I'm talking really loud. I was actually annoyed as I was wondering who the heck would knock that loud at nighttime. So I was a bit annoyed and jumped up to the door. My dogs were going nuts and I hat to shoo them into the dining room just to get the door open. They were jumping up and down ready to 'Kill Kill KILLL'. I yanked my door open, but I never saw the man... just a bit of a shadow. I assume that it was one of Ax's elves dropping off secret santa gifts. Or just some kid playing pranks. I started to close the door, and then on the left side of my porch I saw a HUGE box!!!! "What the..."


After my wife confirmed it wasn't one of my gifts that she was waiting on, I decided to open it. Then I looked up at my tv and realized I was still in a middle of a Call of Duty match and was getting murdered. Crap! There goes my Kill/Death Ratio! LOL So I shut that off and look at this hug box again. I was wondering what the heck it could be in such a big box. It didn't weigh a lot either... it felt like a quilt or something. So I had no clue as to what it was. So I ripped off the tape and saw this:




Instantly... I blurted out: "Why... there could be ANYTHING in there" being that I just watched the movie a few days ago I tend to be a major geek and act out portions of that movie in my mind! LOL! So I waded through a sea of popcorn (which I think I am set for the next year on) and kept wondering what the heck this could be. And then I saw a bit of something poking through. I thought it was one of those big pop corn tins that you get around Christmas time! So I was like SWEET! Time to start munching! :)


Then I saw this:


And it clicked! I knew who my Secret Santa was and what this was. My jaw hinged opened and I was SPEECHLESS!

My wife was bugging me: "What is it... what is it.. what is it?" Then I went into my cheesy mode... and said in a deep proud voice: "Do you know what this is?! Why... why... its a LAMP!!!!" I didn't have anymore un-boxing pictures because i got too excited!!! LOL


Cebus Capucinis--Brian sent me a WONDERFUL gift! I could not believe my eyes!!!!






This special lamp is an amazing piece of work!!!! The Atari Power switch actually controls the light! Plus... this is an Activision Lamp! I have ALWAYS like the Activision games and missed out on owning one of his lamps in the past. I pretty much wrote off the idea of ever owning one, as I thought he wasn't making them any more! Then the silly Monkey sends me this wonderful lamp!!!!! He put in the note: "I was going to get you some Lynx Stuff, but what do you get someone who is the ultimate Lynx collector?!" I think it is very safe to say you made one hell of a choice Brian!!!!!


Man... I can't thank you enough for your Christmas Spirit! That is such an amazing Secret Santa gift! Thank you for going through the time to make one of these for me! I will keep this one on display at all times, just like my Leg Lamp that is in my window! My wife already picked out a great spot for it next to my shelf of books! This is a PERFECT reading lamp and I'm sure anyone who sees it will love it!

Again... I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful gift!


Fra-GEEEEEE---LAY.... :)


AWESOME! What a way to get in the Christmas Spirit!

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