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I caved and got an Xbox 360!


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Red Dead Redemption convinced me. So I grabbed the $199 4Gig, the game, and Fallout 3. I want games that are not super difficult (getting too old for twitchy games) and have a long playing time (because I don't want to buy too many games). What else would y'all recommend?

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Dragon Age Origins would be a great choice. :)


I second that and would also suggest Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. All 3 titles are lengthy and have an insane amount of replayability. Even with kinda rushing through, Dragon Age took me about 15 hours. My first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 took me 20 hours. I would also suggest Oblivion to you, i got about 80 hours out of my first playthrough.


There are 4 (maybe 5) expansions to Fallout 3 so you could probably easily get 100 hours out of it, depending on how quickly you play games. The expansions are fairly cheap too, they're sold 2 per disc and retail for about $20. If you got the game of the year edition they're already on it.

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Some of my favorite games....



Beautiful Katamari


Burnout Paradise

Eternal Sonata


Lost Odyssey

Viva Pinata

Sacred 2


These all feature addictive game play and decent (BioShock), and in most cases super long (Every other game on the list) play times. Highly recommend every one and best of all, most can be found on the cheap.

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