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Ms Pac-man with updated sounds


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My copy of Ms. Pac-Man has a bad ROM chip. Any instructions for making a functional copy of this from an original Ms. Pac-Man board? What better use for a dead copy of Ms. Pac-Man (looks minty too). :)

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I just remembered that the 5200 uses a two chip cart for the 32k games. How you wire it will depend if you use 2x 16k eproms or 1x 32k eprom.

If I go with dual 16k I assume I just need to use two sets of the inverter's inputs and outputs.


I'm going to guess that I need to route both enable/select lines into the same inverter input and connect the output to the 32k EEPROM if I go with 32k, correct? Edit: or just wire it to be always enabled?

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I'm looking at a 5200 cart schematic and it looks like the chip selects are active low. If true the you should be able to use two 16k eproms without any inverters.

Sounds like EEPROMs are a drop-in replacement then. Nice!


I'm sure one of my Ms. Pac-Man ROMs is still working because I doubt both failed (one is AMI-produced and the other is NCR-produced) so I can dump it to compare to see how the ROM image should be split (compare to a downloaded Ms. Pac-Man ROM). Also, the Atari logo still shows up with the name of the game so one of the ROMs is almost definitely working. :)


Thanks again!

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