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Season 6 Week 5 - Elevator Action


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Welcome to week 5 of the 6th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This week's game is going to be Elevator Action.


Title: Elevator Action

Developer: Taito

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: August, 1987 (US)

Twin Galaxies High Score: 101,300 by Brian Picchi






None yet.


Current Standings:


  • 1. Sonic R - 10 pts. (3)
    2. dustfilledhobo - 10 pts. (2)
    2. patbb - 10 pts. (2)
    3. roadrunner - 9 pts. (4)
    4. pantherrob82 - 9 pts. (2)
    5. RJ - 9 pts. (1)
    5. mihcael - 9 pts. (1)
    6. HatefulGravey - 7 pts. (2)
    7. ClassicGMR - 6 pts. (4)
    8. darthkur - 3 pts. (1)
    9. LarcenTyler - 2 pt. (2)
    10. Tr3vor - 2 pts. (2)
    10. atari1600land - 1 pt. (1)
    10. Hitachi - 1 pt. (1)
    10. wizardspade80 - 1 pt. (1)
    10. Jibbajaba - 1 pt. (1)


*9 points are awarded to first place, 6 to second, 3 to third, and everyone else receives 1. The number in parentheses next to your overall score is the number of rounds in which you have participated, and serves as the tiebreaker. *



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I'm missing something here. How is the bonus calculated? That might help me a lot.


Also, I get to the bottom and it takes me back to a red door. I'm guessing this is a red door I did not get on the way down and so I have to start there and get them all to move on? I have played 2 games so far and haven't tried getting them all in one pass yet to prove my theory, I'm sure I will by the time this gets read by anyone, but I am at work, so I might actaually have to work soon too. Who knows. ;)

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Yes, you have to go into every red door. That's the point of the game - collect the secret files from behind all of the red doors while fighting off the bad guys.


BTW, for anyone who enjoys this game, you owe it to yourself to check out "Elevator Action Returns", which was released for the Saturn in Japan but is also conveniently included on the "Taito Legends 2" disc for Playstation 2 (which is about $7 at GameStop.)



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it's not only required, but of best interest to enter the red doors, as it's 500 points for each one. The end of stage bonus is in 1000 point increments: 1000 for stage 1, 2000 for stage 2, 3000 for stage 3, et cetera…


I also recommend Elevator Action Returns - a very good game indeed! Great that it was included in Taito Legends 2 for the USA PlayStation 2 -a very solid collection of games at a great value!

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Tips: To get more points shoot a lamp to get the room dark and then shoot the ennemies. You will get 150 points instead of 100.

If the lamp falls directlly on the ennemy you will get 300 points. If you shoot an enemy while is in the elevator you get 300 points (room lighted or dark).


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