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If you want to see Brian Joblin (Zybex, Draconus, ...)


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I've just asked if they could release their Atari development software. I've sent out a mail to Brian before but didn't get a response...
I was thinking about contacting Brian last year as amongst the back catalogue of games that I was planning to revamp for fun was Ninja Commando, creating a disk version adding the C64 loading pic and replacing the title screen / music with a reproduction of the C64 version. I did some work on that towards the end of last year.
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Speaking of Mr Joblin(g), has anyone ever managed to track down Chris Murray (Henry's house, Mirax force/Last Guardian et al)...And also Kevin franklin (co programmer, zybex and other cognito/zepplin games games) and lastly Chris Copeland (who did some of tynesofts games as well as Transmuter with his sister Maureen)


Wasn't mr Jobling also responsible for the first 'commando' clone on the A8 'who dares wins II

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