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Classic Gaming Event -What would YOU want?


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Hello everyone,


Marty, Gary and I are hard at work with promotion for the 2003 Midwest Classic. The event will be receiving a huge slew of additions this year that we are already working on confirming, but we want to know what everyone is interested in.


Don't think of it as the Midwest Classic. Think of it as ANY gaming event. What would we need to provide to make you attend? Here are some ideas... please add whatever you can, and we will try to include it.


- Keynote speakers

- Competitions

- Free arcade gameplay

- Free pinball gameplay

- Large doorprizes

- Gaming and Computing Museum

- Exclusive classic gaming releases

- Exclusive modern gaming releases

- Classic gaming vendors

- Modern gaming vendors

- Pinball vendors

- Arcade vendors

- Rare items / displays

- Other?


We really want to make this a great event, so please submit any and all ideas that you have!

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Pretend it is happening in Atlanta, GA.  What would you want to be there?


After attending three of four events in Cincinnati and one meeting at John Hardie's house, I've seen trades, sales, auctions, tournaments, shows, brags, demonstrations, etc.


How about "best of show?"

This could be the best display of carts, consoles, protos, handheds, tabletops. Maybe with posters ..


Anybody can lug in a bin of stuff .. but preparing it for show is another thing.


In the past I have made posters: "How many controllers and accessories can be connected to the Vectrex?" and "What are all modification circuits that can be added to the 2600?" with my modified 2600 right there.


Another time William Cassidy did a demo of many of the best O2 games. He was scheduled to do it at a particular time on Saturday. His theme: "The Odyssey 2: It doesn't suck as bad as you think." :)


Also it is important to stick to a schedule. People will feel that they have attended an event rather than just browsing for a very long time.


I was unable to attend the most recent Cinciclassic event because of illness in my family. Also I was unable to attend the recent event in Raleigh because it was announced only one month in advance and to take place on the weekend before Cinciclassic! Grief! Timing is everything. Announce the date at least 6 months in advance .. and don't conflict with other shows.


Also the Raleigh show schedule had more music bands playing than gaming events .. what was up with that? :? You cannot hear the game sound effects with a band playing in the background. With all the stuff and the talk and chatter and games being played, who cares about a band. It's overload.


Gee .. we need to take all this into consideration as some of us Atlantans think of organizing our first event .. probably just a small get together .. to begin with.


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

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