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Skull Island - Wood Case!


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I had a topic going over HERE, but it was getting a little long. I thought I'd start a new one and cut right to the chase, but feel free to read over the other topic if you want.


I have a puzzle game, Skull Island, which is coming in two versions. One is packaged in a REAL WOOD Atari 2600 cartridge and the other is standard plastic.


I had it going on at Kickstarter, but that didn't work out. I know I was charging $100 there for a wood cartridge, but that was originally a different wood carver. The new guy seems is great.. he's close by me (1.5 to 2 hour drive) and is giving me a much better price. The final price from him is not determined yet, he only gave me an estimate, and the final price would also be determined what type of packaging I go with.


Here's my thoughts so far, regarding price, packaging, and quantities, and label.. you're welcome to chime in with your comments.



Originally I planned to do 20 wood cartridges, 17 or 18 of which would be for sale to the public. I am keeping 1 and giving away 1 or 2. Should I do 40 of them instead, which about 37 or 38 would be for sale? On the one hand, 20 is super limited, but on the other hand a lot of people have interest in getting one. I think even getting 40 done they'll still hold a nice value due to them being freakin wood.


Packaging and price

Option 1 - My original idea was that since my game is a puzzle, why not have the box be a puzzle to open. These are wood boxes that require a certain combination of 7 to 9 moves to open the box. Price is possibly in the $50 - $70 range, but I'd have to negotiate a better deal due to me ordering quantity. I also need to shop around more.


Option 2 - I then thought these things will probably be something people want to display, what about packaging the game in some sort of little display case.. sort of like those things that hold autographed baseballs. I see prices on the web for about $35 so far, but honestly I haven't really shopped around yet. As an additional thought, maybe I can install a cheap colored LED in them and a small motor to make the cartridge rotate.


Option 3 - What about making an actual Atari 2600 sized box out of wood and instead of printing the artwork on on cardboard, I could have the box laser engraved. Imagine seeing people's wall of boxes and then mixed in you see one made of wood. You're sure to get questioned on that.. where'd you get it, let me see, etc, etc. Price unknown so far as I did no research yet.


Option 4 - Normal Atari 2600 style cardboard box. These would be the cheapest route.


As stated in the topic, I should have a prototype to show off next Wednesday or Thursday (Sept 1st or 2nd)! I'm just as excited as you are. The wood carver wants to ship Tuesday, which means I'll have it Wednesday or Thursday. I'll test it for fitting in my Atari and I'm going to take a drive to the Digital Press store and try it in a few of their machines, plus this way I get to show it off to Joe (and whoever is there at the time). The last time I was in there Joe showed interest in carrying one in the store, and a customer showed interest as well.


So, feel free to give me your comments.




One more thing:



Both wood and regular version will come with label. Do you think I should differentiate the labels a little for each version or who cares because the wood and plastic are already different?

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Naturally, I would opt for a standard Atari-size box. But imagine how cool a WOOD box would look along side all that cardboard on The Wall!


Depending on price, I'd go for either option 3 or 4.


Oh, and I like the way you think!

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I plan on giving back to my local video games stores (ie: the good stores.. not the high priced rip off idiots) a regular copy or two each to sell for their own profit. Kind of my way of giving back or helping them. Might only be 2 or 3 stores total that I can think of.


Every release I try to think of something unique. Heck, for my display table at Video Game Trader Expo, I was trying to order a kit that would make my cartridge float in mid-air! Problem with that is, it's very unstable I was told and only works up to a certain weight. If someone even walks past my table it'll knock the cartridge off from floating I'm told. Next year, if I prepare earlier, I told the guy I'd like to do some kind of art display that will show when people enter the show, which they can raffle off to someone. Who knows what.. maybe Lego, maybe something else.


Have you ever seen lenticular printing? They're those baseball cards that look like they're moving when you move them back and forth. I can get those done for maybe 60 to 70 cents a piece. I'm just unsure if the thickness is something I can put on a 2600 cart.


I also had an idea for a different cartridge shape. There's a place that does 3D printing. Unfortunately I am finding it hard to get a price from them, because I need exact measurements and some kind of cm/3 crap. It would cost me about $30 to have someone to design me a 3D model of the 2600 cartridge, but modify the top portion.. ie: the end that goes into the 2600 would be the same, but the top portion could be a differet shape.

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Brass plaque.. sort of like a trophy? Reminds me of a thin dog tag like they have in the war or around your dog's neck.


I wonder if I can get really thin brass engraved with a skeleton and name and put that on front. I bet I could get those done cheap. Or maybe brass with the skeleton and text cut out, so the wood shows through. Would having a piece of metal ruin anything in a 2600 or cause any type of shorting or static issues if placed where the label would normally go?


.. or I could make a simple stencil of the text and skeleton and hand paint each one.


The stain we are using is a little darker, but with a reddish tint. He has black stain also, and that shows the wood as well, but I wanted to totally differentiate between a black plastic cartridge and a piece of wood, so I selected a reddish tint.


Maybe make the wood cart label look like:

A - a brass plaque with screws in the corner or....

B - carved wood - which would prolly look more piratey, but harder to pull off



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A good point as brought up that some people had backed my project on Kickstarter.. a few of you I can make out and will include you on the list. If anyone else is in the list below and is still interested, let me know and I'll add you to the list. I also have some people in my message box here, as well as my other thread that I'll mark down as well. If they still want they still want, if not then I'll let them go to someone else.


Either way nobody will pay until I have product ready.


Those who have an erection (ie: wood)


Wonder007, Ianoid, phaxda, Gambler172, Cebus Capucinis, shadowdoggie, Godzilla, toymailman, TrekMD, ntavio, Marc Ober, Mayhem, iwan, EricDeLee, Gez, cmart604, atarinut76, combat16, jeffgamer, Rick Weis, frap, allhallowseve2000.


Those who have a prosthetic (ie: plastic)




The following people wanted an erection on Kickstarter, but I have no idea if any of you are registered here, feel free to speak up so I can add you to the list:


mark, Doug Cornforth, Tieg Zaharia, Lance Bohy


The following people wanted a prosthetic on Kickstarter, but same as above.. no idea if you're here:


Brian Jepson

Pat McHale

Ben Combee


Anyone who backed me on Kickstarter, whom I don't find will still get a big thanks in the manual, and anyone who backed me for that $1 deal on Kickstarter will also get a thanks. No need for $1. You were nice enough to back me with Kickstarter and that's enough. :)


Nobody will be tied down.. I want to do the whole package as affordable as possible and not too crazy. If someone finds out something is too pricey then that's fine I understand.


Also, I spoke with the wood carver today in regards to the different packaging options. He'd be interested in collaborating on a wood box too if we go that route. Seems like a very cool guy.


The following people do not need to request a regular cart, one will be made for them if they want, free, as a thanks for your help:

SeaGt, bAtari, RevEng, Random Terrain, Jwierer, and Albert.

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