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Donkey Kong 3?


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Some other issues:


- "Below ground level" allows me to go off screen, get stuck in black space

- "Levels" sometimes goof up (i.e. hovering over the ground); seems to be caused by jumping that "gap" in stage 3

- Occasional distortion of "bug picking up plant" sound effect (long beep)

- Sometimes no "clear" sound effect UPDATE: this seems to happen if you clear the stage while a bug is picking up a plant

- Score has jumped from "27-" to "460"-ish on stage clear


I'm really having fun with this.

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I moved some code around and attempted to fix some bugs. I think I got rid of a few of them. Now the code is spread evenly through the two banks instead of bank 2 having 100 bytes left it now has about 1,000, and bank 1 has about 1,800.



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Whoa, this is coming along really fast.


I have a couple of graphical suggestions, though. First of all, would it be possible to make the playfield a lighter shade of green? Second, if you decide to do player animations, you could make the bee's have a similar effect as "Frog's and Flies" by making two sprites (one horizontal, one vertical) overlap each other and flash between them. I think that gives a great wing animation. Third, when the missile hits donkey kong, if you found a way to explode it, that'd be great.

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OK, I need help. Basically what I need is a better collision code for the bees. What I have in there now isn't working as well now that I moved Stanley to player0. One of the bees (player5) is blue, that's to help distinguish it from the other bee that takes the flowers away and will not be the final color. Any help here?



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Trying to make a coordinate based collision detection routine since it seems like a handy thing for me and atari2600land right now.


Here is the code I was trying to use for a 16 pixel tall 8 pixel wide but double-wide (effectively 16x16) sprite:


rem temp1 is the far right of sprite
temp1 = player1x + 16
rem temp2 is the bottom of sprite
temp2 = player1y + 16
rem see if player0 is in the middle of player1 left and right boundaries
if player0x > player1x && player0x < temp1 then goto col_boss_stage2 else return
rem see if player0 is between player1 top and bottom boundaries
if player0y < temp2 && player0y > player1y then gosub draw_hit


Doesn't seem to work right. I'm assuming the x, y coordinates for sprites start (the origin if you will) at the top-left right?


UPDATE: Seems to be the bottom-left is the origin. This code still doesn't work:

if player0x < player1x then if player0x > (player1x+16) then goto col_boss_stage2 else return
if player0y < player1y then if player0y > (player1y-16) then gosub draw_hit

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