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HSC Season 3 Week 4: Mr. Do!

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Just a tiny bit better.





Is that the first time you posted your three initials or have I been in a coma?


I used RUN quite a few times before. :)


Well, I guess that answers the question then! :)


When I saw it, I thought is was cool yet obvious but for some reason I never noticed it until now...


Everybody knows what Billy Mitchell's initials are, right?

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The Closer was Woodie Fryman, I remember that he was old ... he was 40 ... but I was 10 ... I wonder if the 10 year old see me the same way today :)



LOL Woody Fryman - he was older than dirt! Well...for a baseball player anyway...



Yes you're right, it does look like a rope!


Sorry all for the "out of subject" conversation :ponder:


Ha - I started it!

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