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Different instructions printed on FB2 board for cart mod

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Hi, everyone. I'm hoping someone who has seen this variation of the board can help me determine what I have to do.


Instead of the "J3 short, Black wire jump to C4 next pin" instructions, mine says "J3 (short = Game Cartridge) J9 (open = Game cartridge)". There appears to be a jumper already installed at J9.


So, if I am reading this correctly, I need to remove the jumper at J9 and wire a DPDT switch to J3 and J9 as follows:



| | |


| | |




I need to run wires from the two points of J9 to the terminals I have labeled "A" and "B", and wires from the two points of J3 to the terminals I have labeled "E" and "F". This would cause J9 to be closed and J3 to be open when the switch is pushed to the left, and vice-versa when the switch is pushed to the right, correct?


Also, can anyone recommend the best wire gauge to use for wiring the switch? I'm going to be using 28 gauge ribbon cable for the cart port, of course. Should I peel a few strands away from the ribbon to use for the switch?


Thanks in advance!


-- Pete

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I've determined that my plans as described above will work.


Next question is to wonder if anyone has advice on soldering to these surface-mount pads. Damn, they're tiny! I have an X-Acto "Xtra Hands with magnifier" (weighted base with alligator clips to hold the board and a magnifier to help see the pads), but the tip of my soldering iron is HUGE compared with the solder points.


Any hints?




-- Pete

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