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I think I've ruined any chance of doing the FB2 mod

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I was doing prep work last night, soldering ribbon cable to the solder points on the board. Points 1-11 went OK, but when I attempted to solder to point 12, I couldn't get the solder to stick to the point. Closer examination now reveals that the little silver pad at point 12 seems to have disappeared! Is this possible? Advice?


I will post pictures later. I'm at work and don't have access to my camera or PC board.

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Yes, it's possible, happened to me before. You used too much heat and the solder pad got lifted from the PCB. It's very difficult to fix, but if you are patient enough you may be able to scratch away the solder mask and solder onto the trace itself. Lucky for you though, pad 12 is ground so you should be able to attach the wire elsewhere on the board :)

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