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Just threw Dark Void in the garbage


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With a stressful work week(testing software), I just ran into a bad glitch playing Dark Void, a Capcom game that I bought on clearance.


This game has parts where you have to do careful jumping down cliffs, and apparently you have to do the same one a second time(or it really looks like the first). You die? Too bad, you have to do the whole thing over again with some aliens to kill.


Then as I was trying the 2nd cliff for the 2nd time, the game glitches really badly. I'm getting audio, but the frame rate is like 1 per 8 seconds. Pausing & un-pausing the game didn't help.


This gears-of-war ripoff game inspired me to do something:


1. Take CD out of Xbox

2. Put CD back in case

3. Throw case in garbage.


Screw it. I'm not going to try again. Not going to go on gamefaqs. Not going to wonder why the patch didn't solve it. I'm just going to throw it out.


Have you ever just got outright frustrated & tossed the game into the can?

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Hmmm, I can't really remember a time that I threw a game in the trash. Maybe Criticom (Saturn) back in the day...that was an awful game. If I didn't love my Jaguar so much, I might have done it to Bubsy or Double Dragon V, but I didn't.


These days I just put games like that on Goozex. Sooner or later someone will want them, then I'll trade up for something (hopefully) better.

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Yeah, I threw Need For Speed Underground 2 at a wall, cleanly splitting it in half. Did the same thing to Super Mario Sunshine, but the damned thing wouldn't shatter! Curse you and your sturdy products, Nintendo!


I think a few friends and I took a bat to Robodemons, the craptastic NES game by Color Dreams. That was more an issue of quality than frustration, though. That blue cartridge shell shatters REAL good!

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I threw The Lost World Jurassic Park Special Edition and shattered it about 12 years ago. That game could have been so much fun if it weren't so hard. An invincibility cheat would have fixed it or a health restore one. I may have done something not as harsh with Soul Reaver on the Dreamcast. Those stupid annoying spider like enemies pissed me off. I took the game out and just tossed it on my desk that had a bunch of junk on it and scratched the disc too much. I really didn't think I'd ever want to play it after that.

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Glad to hear that someone else has done this. I thought that maybe I was the only crazy.


I got pissed at one of the NBA 2K games. Maybe 2K8? No matter how large, your lead in a game is never safe. I got sick of the AI comebacks, opened the tray, grabbed the disc and crumpled it up. I was surprised that it didn't break or snap, just crumpled. I laughed at the fit of rage and then realized just how satisfied I felt. Ahh...relief. I'll just play some Double Dribble instead.


I also used to throw WWF No Mercy for N64 across the room, against the walls of an old apartment that I rented when the Survival mode pissed me off. The cartridge still works well to this day. Those little bastards are pretty tough.

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