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Eurocon 2010 Manchester

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Starting the trip on thursday evening......................................................................to Pitfall Harry.____________ "Bira Bira was with me in my dreams"





Friday mornig 5:45! The "zombie squad" is complete for a 13 hours trip to Engeland! As you can see on the pics we followed our fearless driver "Capt´n Knagge" very soon on his favourite breweries!




Schitti is explaining us how 8 boxed copies of Springer can help you to gain WORLD DOMINATION!





"Having a rest in the french wilderness"_____Darth Pellis Postestas is sleeping while Schitti is happily explaining us how to gain world domination with 5 boxed copies of Mangia!






Some images from the ferry.

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In the late evening we finally reached the heavily protected Lass O´Gowrie pub, the place where the Eurocon was being held.






Inside of the pub............beer and arcades..........








We have had lots of fun at the charity auction........






.....while Jo is flirting with somebody.........

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Starring Jon, Steve, Sandra and Sijmen, Paul, Gaz Tee, Maike Mee, Oli und Katja, Jens und Jens, Marc O., Cap.Oli, Dirk, Schitti, Michael, Rene, Dieter und Alexa, Reinhard, Mark G., Thomas, Bob Wakelin, Andreas Lange, Johanna from London, the bunch of german trainees, me and others!

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing them. I'd love to get to one of these. :) :) Maybe I can fund such a trip by bringing a bunch of PAL homebrews with me!




See you next year in Hamburg, Albert!! :cool:


P.S. Will upload my photos at the weekend.

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