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XCom = Or Why I Hate People


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I want to start by saying I don't like X-Com. I know that's heresy, especially for someone as fanatical about turn based tactical games as I am. I just didn't like how fiddly it was.


That said. I have respect for it. It's obviously one of the classics of the genre. In fact, I could get into it if a lot of the boring cruft was cut away. But, it's a PC title, so boring cruft kinda comes with the territory. It's one of those games which I acknowledge is really good without enjoying it myself.


Even if it wasn't. Even if I thought it was a poor game. I always hate whenever a turn based game is mutilated beyond recognition in the pursuit of the brain-dead action demographic. It happened with Shining Force, resulting in some truly abyssmal action RPGs. It's happened to Front Mission, Arc the Lad, and all RPGs are under constant assault from vapid button mashing stupidity. I'm sure that most of us remember Shadowrun, a beloved RPG name which was turned into a boring and lifeless FPS. Well, it's happened again.


X-Com, the reigning champion of PC strategy has been turned into yet another fucktarded FPS. And I may not know a lot about X-Com, but the FPS visuals don't even remotely convey the same concepts as were in the original PC title. In fact, it looks like some kind of generic, semi-cartoony, '50s style schlock movie game. It doesn't look like it has any relation to X-Com at all. If it wasn't being displayed in conjuction with people calling it X-Com, you'd never associate it with X-Com at all. EDF 2017 looks like it deserves the X-Com name more than the new X-com game.


I really don't have any words for my loathing at this moment. Yet another good turn based game is dumped straight down the shitter.

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Being a fan of the original series I was annoyed that it turned into a FPS. I really wish they stuck with the original formula, mainly researching and building bases. I hope someday we get a true update. I remember years ago something very similar was going to be released for the PS2 that had a first person perspective and RTS elements. Something like that would be way more welcoming. I haven't tried any of the newish PC games that are obviously inspired by XCOM, though the free fan made one is pretty darn good.

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