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Awwwww ********!


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"yay" to bumping my own thread, haha..


Anyways guys, I picked up the 250gig Slim. It took much longer than I wanted to find one this morning.. Five department/big-box retail stores (WalMart, Best Buy, Target, KMart, Toys R Us), and nothing.. I called a friend's GameStop and he had ONE.. and it turns out he was the only store in the area that actually had one. Is everyone shopping for Christmas early this year or something?? :o


Regardless, I'm glad I got one. Spent most of my time re-downloading a portion of my old XBLA collection. It's a very sleek looking system, by the way.. And I'm digging how you can wave your hand in front of it, getting a nice "ding!" sound to get the CD tray to open. :lol:

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