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Atari 850 vs P:R: Connection


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None of these are easy to find anymore - the Atari 850 or the P:R: Connection. Is these any advantage to the P:R:?? I know cost used to be a factor, but they're about equivalently expensive (rare) on the used market, and I am thinking there is enough stuff sucking off the SIO power already that I'm leaning towards the 850.


1) Do they use the same cables?

2) Is the only difference the P:R: Connection runs from SIO power, other than that exactly the same?

3) Anybody have 850-to-Epson parallel printer cable for sale?



After considering Atari 1025, and briefly looking at XMM80x printers, I decided to find an old-school Epson FX-80 as I had one of these years ago, and I think it's the most-supported (and was fast) printer on the A8, right? I mean, will work with "The Print Shoppe" and that sort of stuff? If memory serves, those printers didn't do graphics too much, but I just can't remember. I know it's lame, but I'm kind of looking forward to some old "8-bit style" Print Shoppe signs, etc....and of course I'd like to print some BASIC listings.


As always, thanks for your input and comments!

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I have both, I much prefer the P:R: it's MUCH smaller and compact and just overall looks nicer. Also of the three 850 units I have all of them are flaky (one works "most" of the time, one works "some" of the time and the last one is a doorstop)... However I have never had issues with the P:R:


Personally though for Printer stuff I use my Microprint SIO adaptor. It's basically a SIO cable with a Centronics adaptor for the printer on the other and works with the FX printers VERY well... They pop up on Ebay fairly often and are generally cheaper than a P:R:


(speaking of Printers I'm still trying to get hold of an FX to replace the one I left in the UK when I moved here 13 years ago LOL)

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Dunno... I've seen them go all over tha map... I purchased mine for $19.50 in a ebay auction. but I've seen them go much higher

The second one I bought was about 12GBP. I normally like to give stuff away but I need to raise a few green queens. :)


Hi Jon


Tried to PM you about that but I think your inbox may be full. I'd be interested since I don't have one and I've narrowly missed a couple on eBay in the past. PM with a price if you still want to loose one.

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