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Replacing Sega Genesis model 2 power switch


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A friend has a model 2 that he wants an AV mod on, and I have enough experience to handle that well enough, so I agreed to help him. Now that I think about it I just did some work on this NES model 100 for him too, I wonder what will be next...


Anyway, the power switch on this thing is screwy. It has seen better days and dosn't click like it should all the time. I thought we would find another Genesis that wasn't working and salvage the part, he wants to replace this with a toggle switch. Just cover the spot where the button was and move a switch to the back. This I thought would be striaght forward, but after looking at the botton on the board for power there are 5 points on the board for what should be a positive and negate. This confuses me, and means there is more going on there then I would have thought.


So the question is does anyone know how to do what I'm talking about here? I'm not electrical engineer but it would seem some of those points are to move power to the LED on the system, the rest are lost on me. Any help would be great. I don't even know how I might figure this problem out as it is, so any body that can tell me who to find the points I need or link to information that might help from an electrical end would also be great.



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Just thought I would look into doing what he wanted if I could get it done.


To be honest I don't have enough experience with this stuff to know how to use the method you talked about, but I have enough experience with the internet to learn how to do what you are talking about and I'll give all this a shot. Thanks for the information.

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  • 2 years later...

....three years later (when the Genesis has doubled in value)....


...better late than never...


Flip the motherboard over.


On the back you will see five solder points directly under the power switch.


Those five points underneath the power switch are what you can use to connect a simple toggle switch.


Basically, of the five points underneath the switch, there are two on one side (of the dead switch) and three on the otherside (of the dead switch).


Here is a crude example (Gamepad ports are oriented above):






The two "O" are points to solder your wires to for your switch.

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