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HSC Season 3 Week 7: Williams Doubleheader


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Williams Doubleheader:


Blaster and Sinistar


First-person shooter. Use a 49-way optical flight control/joystick with thrust and fire buttons to fly through different levels (space, time warp, asteroid fields, etc.) shooting various enemies, objects, and picking up lost spacemen. Receive extra points for shooting all enemies in a wave, flying through obstacles, and reaching level 20, "Paradise".


Game Information

Game Name: Blaster

Released By: Williams Electronics, Inc., 1983

MAME ROMset: blaster

Dip Switches: Internal Defaults

Chosen By: Mister VCS

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/489

Twin Galaxies M.A.M.E. World Record: 1,818,580


Note: You may start on any level


Competition ends Sunday, September 26 @ 12PM EDT



1. 398,070 rmaerz

2. 386,850 roadrunner

3. 365,410 patbb

4. 314,550 ClassicGMR

5. 143,610 LarcenTyler








Run! Run! Run!

A small, triangular fighter ship is maneuvered by the player through a series of "Zones" in the galaxy. The player must blast Sinisite crystals out of planetoids while fending off attacking enemy drones and Warrior ships. Collect enough crystals to destroy the evil Sinistar before he kills you.


Game Information

Game Name: Sinistar (revision 3)

Released By: Williams Electronics, Inc., 1982

MAME ROMset: sinistar

Dip Switches: Internal Defaults

Chosen By: rmaerz

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/57747/mame103/Sinistar-revision-3.html

AtariAge Arcade/M.A.M.E. HSC World Record: 77,130 rmaerz


Competition ends Sunday, September 26 @ 12PM EDT



1. 147,605 rmaerz

2. 64,815 patbb

3. 27,935 ClassicGMR

4. 12,910 LarcenTyler

5. 7,915 roadrunner









Season Standings

Calculations through week 6

1. patbb 269

2. rmaerz 234

3. roadrunner 197

4. LarcenTyler 157

5. ClassicGMR 66

6. FlyingTurtle 38

7. Dr Galaga 30

8. 4Ks 18

9. HatefulGravey 12

10. Mister VCS 6

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Alright I'm going to post some Sinistar tips...


First of all, if you're going to beat me at this game this week, you're going to have to score at least 100K+. I've been playing this week on my MAME cabinet using an 8-way joystick and I will have access to a Sinistar cabinet this Saturday which should add about 50K to my current score.


A Sinistar cabinet uses a 49-way optical joystick which is required for precise movement. Light touches on the joystick are recommended for precise control of the ship.


There is no incentive to move past the first screen unless Sinistar has been built. Sinistar requires 20 pieces to build but only 13 sinibombs to destroy. You should try to mine sinibombs quickly on the first screen and when you acquire around 12 sinibombs, find Sinistar and chip away at him forcing him to be rebuilt. If Sinistar is not on the scanner, you can unload a sinibomb and follow its path as it will take you in the direction Sinistar is located. You can repeat the process of mining sinibombs and chipping away at Sinistar until he is built at which point you will have no other option than to destroy him.


On the first screen only, after Sinistar has been built he cannot be rebuilt.


On the second and subsequent screens, it is important that you stop mining and kill off warriors as they appear on the screen. Since the turrets are slower than your ship, you need to move in a circle to kill off the warriors. Otherwise you're a sitting duck. Circling around a planetoid will give you a shield.


If Sinistar attempts to suck you in and you have no sinibombs, you can move your ship in a box pattern around him. At the very least you will be able to delay the inevitable and kill warriors & workers for points and maybe even pick up that one crystal you need to finish him off.


When Sinistar is built and begins his advance, I try to move my ship in an area that is less dense of planetoids. This way, I will not bounce off of a planetoid and put me in a bad spot. If I wait for Sinistar in an area that is largely "black," I have more control of the ship and it makes it easier to kill him off.


Keep firing after you kill Sinistar. You'll collect points for anything you kill off when traveling from one zone to the next.


On the first screen, since Sinistar cannot be rebuilt after he has been entirely built, it may be to your advantage to allow yourself to be killed off when Sinistar is down to only one piece. Since you can only have a maximum of 20 sinibombs, with this strategy you can then stock up on sinibombs for the second level which will help you get to the third level.

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