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How often can a 360 game disc be resurfaced?


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I picked up a copy of Borderlands for the 360 through Goozex, and it looked okay when I got it. I put it in to play a couple of nights ago, and it went through all the pre-game stuff, back story, etc, and when it got to the point where I might begin to play, it stopped and my 360 declared the disc unreadable. I pulled the disc out and under a certain angle, there were some scratches, but nothing major.....put it back in, and it got to the same point, and again it was unreadable....


so I went to a store nearby and got it resurfaced.....looked great when it was done, and I brought it home and put it in, and now it's instantly unreadable.


Is it possible to resurface again, or am I really screwed here, or might my drive lens be getting a bit wonky?


it's a shame too, because the game looks great....

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it looks kind of swirly looking, but those usually work. I've never put a swirly looking disc in my 360 though. they always were fine in my Dreamcast and PS2


If you see swirling after a resurfacing, whoever did it didn't do a very good job. The disc should look immaculate after a proper resurfacing, unless you have deep scratches that go down to the data (You can't do anything about those unless you want to destroy the disc). In this case it may be worth it to resurface it again, but I wouldn't take it to the same shop, heh.

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I don't see how resurfacing it again would hurt anything. It doesn't work anyway.


If the disc was already immaculate after a proper resurfacing yet still didn't work, I highly doubt another resurfacing would do anything. Chances are much better that he would be throwing away his money by doing it again.

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If you got swirly marks, then the person doing the buffing didn't use enough of the buffing compound when they buffed the disc (the felt wheel kind of just ran without it, It will still take out the deep scratches, but it does it like the cheap home devices, just scuffing the surface all to hell)


You can buff it a number of times. If you can find someone who can literally resurface it though, that would be cool, though it requires even more dedicated special machines to do than just buffing will do, but when you are done, the disc is actually thicker than before and should be perfectly smooth.

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